Program Descriptions

Barnabas Home is child-centered and family-focused.  Our primary concern is the child placed in our care.  It is critical to the child’s success to involve his family whenever possible.  Family interactions is strongly encouraged.  Family counseling is available if needed.  If family can’t meet at our facility, family counseling will provided in the home.

We provide transportation to and from clients’ homes when home visits are earned and approved by the DCBS worker.

Our facility is designed for the purpose of providing treatment.  We holistically provide a balance between internal programming and outside support.  These services include, but are not limited to: administration, clinical and childcare workers on-site, physicians (psychiatric and medical) and school personnel.

Barnabas Home is not a legal intervention.  Our staff adhere to a behavior management program that allows our clients an opportunity to think about his behavioral choices and explore behaviorally appropriate alternatives.

We recognize that our clients are placed here involuntarily.  It is our responsibility to reach out to our clients and build relationships with them.  We realize that unless clients know that you care, they don’t care what you know.

We are often the primary support system for our clients.  We embrace the importance of maintaining professional boundaries within a supportive, nurturing environment.

Our childcare workers spend the majority of time with our clients as they teach them valuable life skills.  Through the relationships that form between clients and staff, important information relevant to the therapeutic process can be disclosed.  In this respect, staff share client information with the therapeutic staff for the purpose of individualizing each client’s goals and treatment plan.

Barnabas Home embrace the importance of spirituality in the lives of our clients.  We support and encourage the spiritual growth and development of all clients.  Subsequently, we allow our clients to practice his religious beliefs unless those practices are considered unhealthy or unsafe.

We accept males, ages 12-18 who are levels 3, 4, & 5.  The minimum acceptable IQ is 65.

We do not accept sex offenders, or medically fragile children (due to distance from hospital).