Program Services

Counseling Services

  • Group counseling services are offered on a weekly basis, and residents meet with their Family Counselor, weekly.  Counselors will meet with clients amore than once per week if needed.  Family involvement is encouraged during the individual counseling sessions.  The Family Counselor and Clinical Treatment Specialist will facilitate family interactions if interest is expressed.
  • Multidisciplinary teams are utilized to provide a comprehensive, wrap-around treatment plan for Barnabas Home clients.  Families and/or guardians are encouraged to be involved in this process whenever possible.  Professional services that may be utilized include (but are not limited to): psychiatry, psychology, social work, psychiatric nursing, career counseling, speech pathology, occupational/physical therapy, family counseling, spiritual counseling, educational advocacy.

Case Management – each client is assigned a Family Counselor at the time of being enrolled into our program.  The responsibility of the Family Counselor is to:

  • Develop and coordinate the client’s treatment plan.
  • Provide ongoing clinical support and intervention.
  • Implement the treatment plan through the necessary individual, group, or family format.

The assigned case manager must in regular communication with all providers involved, including but not limited to: Barnabas Home Staff, Jackson County School Personnel, and relevant community medical/treatment personnel.  Detailed documentation will be included in client medical passports for each medical visit.  Documentation of other contacts will be included in the client’s file.