“The people at Barnabas Home have become my family.  I have been in three different foster homes and one long-term residential home.  I’ve been treated better here than all the other places combined.”  Johnny

“I will always be grateful for what I learned at Barnabas.  The staff taught me how to control my anger.  They really worked with me on my social skills, too.  The best thing about my time there was that they taught me how to be a father to my first child who was born while I was there.  I even asked one of the staff to be my son’s godfather.”  Dustin

“I’ve been in bootcamps, various placements and many hospitals.  Barnabas Home has helped me more than all of the other placements.  The staff really cared about me and helped me reach my goals.  They also helped me develop the skills I needed to be a successful adult.  CJ

“I was in foster care, group homes and other facilities.  Barnabas home was one of the best placements I had for one reason – the love and compassion they showed me.  I am now 33 years old with two beautiful little boys.  I think about this place often.”  Clinton